Beagles I've Owned

Beagles that I have raised,

Scrogham KY Rose Joe made ARHA rabbit champion and bench champion and he also won the Indiana State Hunt. Scrogham KY Rose Joe is one of my best beagles that I have raised and he was a pleasure to hunt with. He sired a lot of good gun dogs and most of my breeding stock has him in their pedigree. Scrogham KY Rose Joe had a few pups to be trailed and this is their record
Scrogham KY Rose Major - he made ARHA rabbit champion and bench champion.
Scrogham KY Rose Max made ARHA LP, RC and BC champion.
Scrogham KY rose Pete made ARHA LP Grand Champion and made Bench Champion. He placed second at the ARHA Kentucky State Hunt champion class. Pete’s son Scrogham KY Rose Fred made ARHA LP GR rabbit champion and won the hound of the year runoff.
Pete’s grand pup, Scrogham KY Rose Mollie, won the KY Houndmans and she made ARHA RC. The beagles above was from my old blood line and now I am working on a new line. I have found a new line that works well with My old line and is the Greenwell’s Reggie line. I started Reggie and broke him and bred a few females to him and sold him to John Way and then Kevin Monroe brought him. His history Reggie won the ARHA LP world hunt, made LP RC champion, run AKC, made AKC field champion and then went to canada and made international field champion. I bred Lady Blue Tipton to Reggie and got Jessie’s Blue Turbo. He placed 2 at the ARHA world open class hunt and he made bench champion. Also out of the same litter came L&L Old Red which he was in the top ten of the ARHA hound of the year open class and won the open bench show at the ARHA world hunt I bred Scrogham KY Rose Spot to Greenwell’s Reggie and one pup went to a field trailer where she placed 6th or 7th at the world hunt and was run in UKC and did some winning there.
Jessie Blue Turbo and his accomplishments. Jessie Blue Turbo made little pack rabbit champion in only four hunts.
1st out of 68 dogs.
3rd out of 43 dogs
2nd out of 373 dogs - World Hunt
5th out of 267 dogs at the Lil World Hunt
Jessie finished 3rd in the Hound of the Year Race in only two hunts in 1 year.
In 2007 Jessie had 493.2 points and won the hound of the year run off open class.
Danny Vansickle is doing a good job with him now.
I will be crossing the Joe line with the Reggie line I think will make good rabbit dogs.

Jessie Scrogham

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